Everyone ready for their "Vaccine Passports"? Wake the hell up people!
PETER GUNDUNAS: thanks for the add, Carl. I thought the above story is the counter narrative to appease the (controlled) opposition. I don't trust any of it.
Mike Baker: Most of that money, which borrowed off the People's Credit Card, will go to fund Leftist organizations and programs, all of which are aimed at robbing the We The People of more of our Liberty. Let's also not forget that a huge portion of that so-called "Stimulus" money is going overseas too. Isn't that wonderful?
Carl Dehling: The scariest part of it is that there is a great deal of the population of this country that don't care or are just plain stupid to the fact.
This is a great discussion between the most preeminent philosopher of the modern world, Stefan Molyneux and Anthony Johnson. It's well worth listening to for anyone who's interested in seeking philosophical truths that are pertinent to contemporary society.

Grab a cup of coffee, and listen to what Stefan has to say about a wide variety of social issues. When you do, you'll understand why he's has been banned on every CIA-hatched Socialist Media platform on the Net.

No surprise there. His spot-on moral philosophy, which is based on things like truth, honesty, Voluntaryism, free markets, and reason poses a huge threat to the Left's Post-Human global agenda.