When the SHTF (like it isn't already LOL), we won't be able to use our cell phones to communicate with anyone about anything important. In fact, we should be REALLY careful right now what we say in our text messages. Even our voice calls are being archived forever. Search for "Project Echelon" and "Project Carnivore" for more info on that. Not only is everything we say, as well as everywhere we go, being recorded and monitored by our cell phones, anything that we say on Facebook and Twitter, or search for on Google, is also being monitored and recorded forever.

However, we can use the facilities here at FreedomMovement.info securely. Not only will all of your communications with your friends be unmonitored and unrecorded, group discussions that we have here in our Team Alaska Group will likewise be secure. Whenever you do have anything sensitive to say to one of your friends on Freedom Movement (FM) using the Messenger-like facility I provide, just delete the message when you're done, and it will be gone forever.

I will not be doing any backups of this site at all.

We should coordinate and communicate with one another as a group right here. That's how we can get things done together, and coordinate any activities that we may plan.

Like I said in my previous post, the first thing that we should do as a group is see how many patriots we can get to show up at a given location. Maybe a flash rally, or maybe we could just meet up somewhere to get drinks and food at a restaurant. That way we can meet each other, and get acquainted. That would be our first mission--just see if we can muster as a group and "put some grease on a squeaky wheel" if we ever had to. After all, we may have to do so at some point, either to defend our freedoms, or to come to the aid of someone in our group who needs assistance.

Any thoughts?
Buck & Donna Shreck: Since we are spread out over such a large area here in Alaska, maybe Ham radios would be a good idea? Any thoughts?
Cody Cain: I was just talking with my wife yesterday about how I wanted one, and wanted to learn how to use it.