I am very intrested in ideas or direstion that we can take (action) no yak yak, that will guide us to victory of these blood sucking liberals trying to destroy our nation. They intend to gut 2A regardless of the cheap BS they (him) JB is blabbering. We must begin to organize and develop a defensible plan of action to defend our rights in all areas of the Bill of Rights esp 2A. I do not believe that we as a whole would surrender but picking us off 1 or 2 at at a time will embolden these fear mongers. Therefore I want to hear from you about solid ideas to defend and protect what we have. tHEY ARE COMING FOR YOU RAND MINE GUNS. WE MUST BE READY TO NOT LET IT HAPPEN AS A WHOLE! kEEP YUR POWDER DRY!
Mike Baker: Exactly. Come stand with me in The Circle. Organization is key to victory over the Commies. After all, they are already well organized. https://freedommovement.info/social/group/activism