Win with the whole relevant Truth of the Law!🇺🇸
Mike Baker: What do you mean? Since I'm a bit daft, I don't understand what you're trying to say. Please explain it to me like you would to a child.
David Bartels: Hello Mike, I’m 70 years old with about 25 years of law study (about 60,000+ hours) and use their proof of the whole relevant Truth of the Law (case law) to defeat the “servants” in court. I only help people who injure no one (no bad actors). It’s all a big monster fraud amounting to felony CRIME against We the People, and sucker everyone into consenting to their outside the Law private authority jurisdiction. Sounds crazy because it is! I can even shoe audio of former Gov Frank Murkowski telling be the (corrupt) Alaska Court System is not “The Judiciary”, “ Well nobody ever said it was...” and Dunleavy on video admitting ACS is department 41 under him in the executive branch. I have much much more amazing proof of their fraud scam-crime! If you would like to know more feel free to contact me. (907) 232-2045 Blessings! 🇺🇸