There's a good reason why YouTube kicked Stefan Molyneax off of their platform. After 15 years of delivering a philosophical message that's based on truth, intellectual honesty, and reason, a huge following naturally grew-up around him there. In fact, before they finally booted him, he had accumulated over a billion views of his videos.

Like other truth tellers who are constantly being vilified by the Left, and kicked off the Socialist Engineering platforms like YouBoob, Fakebook, and Twatter; people such as Jordan Peterson for instance, Leftist, New World Order change agents like the ones who run YouTube hate him, and everything he has to say.

Listen to this Golden two-hour round table discussion with Stefan, and find out why he's considered by the Left to be one of the "most dangerous men alive." As I recall, the powers to be in Athens said the same thing about Socrates before he was forced to drink the Hemlock.

To see for yourself just how vitriolic and unfounded the Left's hatred of Stefan is, simply listen to what he has to say here, and then afterward, force yourself to lookup and take measure what the Commies have to say about him at the New World Order's official Ministry of Truth, Wikipedia.
This is a great discussion between the most preeminent philosopher of the modern world, Stefan Molyneux and Anthony Johnson. It's well worth listening to for anyone who's interested in seeking philosophical truths that are pertinent to contemporary society.

Grab a cup of coffee, and listen to what Stefan has to say about a wide variety of social issues. When you do, you'll understand why he's has been banned on every CIA-hatched Socialist Media platform on the Net.

No surprise there. His spot-on moral philosophy, which is based on things like truth, honesty, Voluntaryism, free markets, and reason poses a huge threat to the Left's Post-Human global agenda.