My 10yr old daughter told me their class have to watch CNN 10 in school.
I looked it up on line and it's propaganda trash.
Mike Baker: Yep. CNN stands for Communist News Network
Donald Shaw: Or as Mark Levin would say Clown News Network. CNN is garbage now matter what makeup you try to put on it.
I had some people telling me they are conservatives & they thought the protesters were out of line and this protest will give us all an black eye. It's obvious they are drinking the propaganda cool-aid. Our press is the enemy of Truth & Justice.
Mike Baker: As Thomas Paine once said, "these are the times that try men's souls." Nothing's guaranteed. Nothing's certain. But we must not let the Machine of the New World Order grind on. We must oppose it with all the moral force we own. We must act with quiet courage to confront a vicious tyrannical system that's destroying life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness throughout the world. Unfortunately, it is we Americans who must now put our lives on the line to oppose it, for we are the only people left on earth who still possess the means to do so. Having already disarmed, raped, and exploited every other country on earth, the Machine now stands before our nation; naked, ugly, and unashamed, taunting us like a bully which can't be avoided; a bully that must be stopped. Let your life be a counter friction to stop the Machine.
Doug James: Yes, Did you see the labels used on the protesters ? Anti-American Terrorist. Just because we disagree and see through their lies.
Mike Baker: Of course that's how the mainstream propaganda media will paint that picture. Am I surprised? No. Not at all. I NEVER waste my time watching that network TV garbage. NEVER! It's no different than a Russian watching Pravda in 1960, expecting to discover the truth. It's never going to happen. As I just said to someone else, we must stop wasting our valuable time cursing the darkness. Instead, we should be lighting a candle. We need to be building something better; an alternative to what we've had; an Open and Free Society that all freedom-loving people will want to be a part of. Let's do that together...
Peaceful protest in D.C. labeled as criminal because it's Trump Supporters.
I guess you have to break windows , loot and burn federal buildings like Antifa & blm to
be accepted as peaceful protest.