The words "racism" and "racist" was coined in 1917 by the Communist revolutionary, Leon Trotsky [a Freemason who's original name was Lev Davidovich Bronstein], as a term to be used by him and his comrades to intimidate and silence anyone who was not marching in lock step with their Bolshevik takeover of Russia.

He also used this term in his book "History of the Russian Revolution" in order to give the impression that the Eastern Slavs (Ukrainians) were being selfish for wanting to preserve their unique cultural and ethnic identity in the face of the ethnic cleansing policies of the Communist revolutionaries.

In spite if the propaganda and the browbeating, the Ukrainians stood fast in their efforts to preserve their cultural heritage and identity. However, the price they paid for that resistance was high. Up to 12 million Ukrainians were starved to death by the Communists during a year long confiscation of their food production. The genocide of the Ukrainians is one of the greatest in world history, and that Communist crime against humanity known as the "Holodomor."

In fact, neither the word "racism" nor "racist" can be found anywhere in the literature of any language before 1917. It appears that these words were simply made up and used by Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin [another Freemason whose original name was Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov] and their comrades in the place the word "tribalism" (ethnic cultural unity), which is a completely natural human phenomena, because it wasn't seen as malevolent enough for use in Communist propaganda.

Commies are currently using the word "racist" and now the term "White Supremist" here in America, in exactly the same way that they used it in Russia, and for exactly the same purposes. It's simply a propaganda meme aimed at atomization and the eventual genocide of a particular ethnic group (European-Americans), which would otherwise be predisposed to resist the intentional destruction of their society by Marxist revolutionaries.

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