One would have to be willfully gullible, unstudied, or incredibly naïve to believe that societies are not engineered. Of course they are. Just like anything else that's important, societies are always been planned.

This COVID-19 Event was also planned. Therefore, it could rightly be called a "PLANdemic."

In fact, the hereditary elite families have been farming humans for thousands of years, and as you can see, their methods have greatly improved. Why? Because over the course of the last century, these Edomite [central banking] families of the U.S and Europe have been sponsoring academic studies in the science of human behaviorism.

They have built whole universities which are totally devoted to nothing but the study of human behaviorism. That way they can learn how best to create and exploit a society which they alone can control, pursuant to their objectives.

Just like any rancher would, they just wanted to discover the very best ways to manage their herd, and how best to accomplish their goals.

Well, that's exactly what the oligarchs are doing right now, using the their favorite tool--people's natural fear of death, to herd them, like frightened and obedient cattle, into the slaughterhouse that is their New World Order, which has always been their stated objective. You know: the worldwide, neo-feudalistic slave state that's now rising up around around humanity like the walls of a global gas chamber.

Billions of people are going to die, folks, not from COVID-19, but from starvation and poverty caused by the intentional destruction of the world's economy and the genetic mutagen that's been cleverly disguised as a vaccine. That is, unless We The People stop this madness, and bring the perpetrators who are responsible for committing what can rightly be called this Greatest Crime Ever Committed Against Humanity to justice.

It's time to for everybody to throw the stupid masks (symbols of your capitulation) in the trash, and start saying "NO!" for a change. Your choice is a simple one: resist or die. Humanity has no other choice. We must break free from the jaws of these monsters while we still can.
We must celebrate the fact that 73% of people selected for Biden's administration are Semites, and if you don't do so enthusiastically, then, obviously you're a White Supremacist who needs to be put on a Domestic Terrorist Watchlist at the Antidefamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

After all, 73% is a totally fair representation of the ethnic demographics of our nation. Is it not? Come on! Do the [new] math, folks. You must ignore the fact that only 2% of the American population is Semitic, because 80% of the money, power, and cultural influence in America (e.g. Hollywood and other entertainment industries) is owned and/or controlled by these wonderful people, who absolutely love this country and its European majority population. They only want to lift America up, and make our country greater than it ever was, notwithstanding their dual [U.S.-Israel] citizenships and CFR memberships.

Right? Right!

THANK YOU SO MUCH, JOE! You kept your promise to "Build Back Better." Obviously, you have done that with these great picks to your administration. Finally, we have a great President who does exactly what he say's he'll do. We should be thankful that "God's chosen people" are running our country again.
Mike Baker: Don't recognize satire when you see it? Satire is literary device often employed by writers such as myself in order to expose and criticize foolishness and corruption of an individual or group by using humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule. In Communist dictatorships such as China, satire is the only method by which one can safely communicate any criticism of the corrupt and oppressive government there. A writer uses satire as a tool to improve the society in which he lives by exposing the follies and corruption of those who hold power in that society.
The words "racism" and "racist" was coined in 1917 by the Communist revolutionary, Leon Trotsky [a Freemason who's original name was Lev Davidovich Bronstein], as a term to be used by him and his comrades to intimidate and silence anyone who was not marching in lock step with their Bolshevik takeover of Russia.

He also used this term in his book "History of the Russian Revolution" in order to give the impression that the Eastern Slavs (Ukrainians) were being selfish for wanting to preserve their unique cultural and ethnic identity in the face of the ethnic cleansing policies of the Communist revolutionaries.

In spite if the propaganda and the browbeating, the Ukrainians stood fast in their efforts to preserve their cultural heritage and identity. However, the price they paid for that resistance was high. Up to 12 million Ukrainians were starved to death by the Communists during a year long confiscation of their food production. The genocide of the Ukrainians is one of the greatest in world history, and that Communist crime against humanity known as the "Holodomor."

In fact, neither the word "racism" nor "racist" can be found anywhere in the literature of any language before 1917. It appears that these words were simply made up and used by Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin [another Freemason whose original name was Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov] and their comrades in the place the word "tribalism" (ethnic cultural unity), which is a completely natural human phenomena, because it wasn't seen as malevolent enough for use in Communist propaganda.

Commies are currently using the word "racist" and now the term "White Supremist" here in America, in exactly the same way that they used it in Russia, and for exactly the same purposes. It's simply a propaganda meme aimed at atomization and the eventual genocide of a particular ethnic group (European-Americans), which would otherwise be predisposed to resist the intentional destruction of their society by Marxist revolutionaries.

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