The politics of our nation since 9/11 have been the politics of fear. Because of fear that one of us is a terrorist, we've allowed our intelligence services to listen into our private conversations; because of fear of terrorists from abroad, we have murdered millions of people in the Middle-East; because of fear that our planes will be hijacked, we let government agents put their hands on our children's crotches and look at our naked bodies.

Now, because of fear of a virus that no more dangerous than the seasonal flu, we are allowing our government to unlawfully detain us in our homes, close our businesses, and abrogate many of the most important Natural Rights. None of feels very brave or free. None of this feels very American. But, what disappoints me the most is how slovenly my fellow Americans accepted all of this without a fight. The social engineers have truly mastered their craft.
Dr. Steve Hotze, M.D. describes what a mRNA shot actually is, and why it could never rightly be called a vaccine, which is how it's being sold to a willfully-gullible and badly misinformed public. The good doctor from Texas describes what this permanent genetic mutation of your body can do to you, and how it may adversely effect your health, which is something the mainstream propaganda media will not do. After all, most of their advertising revenue comes directly from Big Pharma companies. Of course, It's your choice whether or not to accept this injection or not, at this point anyway, but as for me, I will just continue trusting my healthy immune system to prevent me from dying from a mild-moderate (Made in China) flu-like illness which 99.99% fully recover from, even in the extremely unlikely event that they ever become sickened by it. I would rather take my chances with that rather than become a guinea pig in a giant, worldwide medical experiment, which is what we are being coerced into.
During 2020, the streets of America were full of useful idiots who have been programmed since birth to hate this country. So, why are the streets not likewise full of people who love this country, mounting "mostly peaceful" protests? I'll tell you why. Because, most patriotic, freedom-loving Americans think that if they just "go along to get along" with this coup d'├ętat everything will work out for them in the end, and that this nightmare will just go away. They've been conditioned since birth to always bow to authority of the [Marxist] Junta government that we have lived under since our other coup--the Coup of 1963.

The same people stood by and did nothing during the next coup--The Election Coup of 2001. However, that do-nothing strategy won't work anymore. Our nation is in the fight for its life right now, and unless good Americans stand up and start fighting back, our country and its People will be completely wrecked in just a few more years, which is exactly what the oligarchs behind all this madness want.

Let's start start sayin "NO!" for a change, before it's too late.
Almost every ill that faces America today has its roots in the debasement of the US Dollar; in our nation's conversion from an honest monetary system which, until 1933, was based opon a redeemable currency to one where banks are have been permitted to conterfeit unbacked money in unlimited amounts. It has been this easy money that has permitted the power-drunk oligarchs to buy up America through fraud, and to build the walls of the fascist police state which now surrounds us. Meanwhile, these traitors have betrayed our country's hard-won independence in their quest to transform our country into a modern day Babylon.