When I hear people complaining about how corrupt, amoral, and despotic our so-called "leaders" are, I'm always quick to point out that, in a cesspool, the biggest turds always float to the top.
This is a 45 minute long interview with Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, M.D. She describes what the mRNA injections are in words that the average person can understand, and identifies no less than ten different mechanisms of harm that can be caused to someone who is foolish enough to accept one of these shots. She also points out the fact the fact that the FDA violates its own laws regarding it's own Emergency Use Authorization of a drug, when it gave to Big Pharma companies like Pfizer and Moderna permission to use these injections on the public, notwithstanding the fact that the animal trials were a complete disaster, and the fact that safe and extremely effective treatments for COVID-19 already existed, and were being used quite successfully throughout the world.

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A silent weapon was unleashed upon the U.S. population. We call it the mass media. It’s largely overlooked now, but propaganda was originally a weapon of war (usually run by the Psychological Warfare division). It was a tool turned only against enemy populations. After World War Two, however, the elites began turning it against the domestic population. According to 17th Century political scientist John Locke, this constitutes declaring war against a people who . . . sadly . . . don’t even know that a conflict has already begun.

This is the event that the BBC and the rest of the legacy media tried to airbrush out of history: thousands upon thousands of people marching through central London in protest over lockdown and the imminent threat of vaccine passports.

It was by some margin the biggest rally held so far in the UK against the government’s draconian Chinese coronavirus restrictions. While the MSM put a low estimate on the numbers — 10,000, according to Reuters — others claim the turnout was considerably higher.

The mainstream propaganda media have shown themselves only too ready to lob ad hominem attacks against anyone not marching in lockstep with this giant, worldwide PSYOP and Globalist takeover operation that been cleverly disguised as a grave viral pandemic. However, one does not have to be insensitive to the illness and deaths which are TRULY associated with COVID-19, and you see that there actually very few when you scratch the paint away from the CDC's fraudulent IFR and Mortality statistics, to recognize that powerful agendas are riding on the coattails of SARS-CoV-2. Citizens are waking up to the fact that the countries, officials and public figures who embrace Draconian interventions such as immunity certificates, microchipping, forced vaccination and the removal of children from their homes also approve of making our sovereign rights--whether to earn a living, maintain bodily integrity, congregate to practice our spirituality, or protect and educate our children--contingent upon our acceptance of these Draconian measures.