Carbon dioxide is persona non grata in leftist circles. Listening to Democrat blathering over CO2, which they exhale copiously with each breath, one would think this gas is poisonous, on par with Sarin or other nerve gases. In reality, CO2 is plant food, and essential for life on planet Earth.

One of President Biden’s first executive orders, signed on January 20, aims to “restore science to tackle the climate crisis.” Joe claims, “the policy of my Administration to listen to the science.” Really?

His administration can’t decide how many masks we should wear, how far apart we should stand next to each other, or why despite millions of Americans getting vaccinated every day, we need to consider more lockdowns. Most of these recommendations did not “listen to the science” and now the arbitrary changes are still not following any science, particularly evidence-based clinical trials, the holy grail for Drs Fauci, Birx, and the rest of the medical smart set.

In the executive order, Biden emphasizes the “social cost of carbon,’ whatever that means. Is there a social cost of air and water too? Is the word “social” a convenient excuse to invoke “social justice,” “systemic racism,” “oppression,” “intersectionality,” “privilege,” and other leftist dog-whistle buzzwords in the grand plan of fundamentally transforming America?

Carbon happens to be the building block of life on Earth. It is also organic, produced by natural processes that cannot be reproduced by man in any meaningful way, specifically the creation of coal, oil, and natural gas. Carbon is non-GMO, free-range, pesticide free, and everything else needed for it to be sold at Whole Foods if it was edible.