Want to learn about the new, experimental COVID-19 vaccine that the government and many large businesses want to inject you with at "Warp Speed?" Well, you should. So, why not listen to what Dr. Simone Gold, a board-certified emergency physician, and a licensed attorney has to say about all this? I think that when you've done that, you will not be so eager to take the COVID shot.

Dr. Gold most certainly does not fit the stereotype of a gullible mouth-breather with a tinfoil hat who's spreading baseless conspiracy theories. Yet, that's exactly how she has been portrayed in the mainstream propaganda media, which receives a huge portion of it's advertising revenue from the same Big Pharma companies who are pushing this genetic mutagen disguised as a vaccine.

In July of 2020, Gold's group, America's Frontline Doctors, gave a press conference in Washington, DC. where they denounced COVID hysteria, and stated that hydroxychloroquine (used with Zinc) was a safe, effective treatment, which was being suppressed in order to open the door to obscene pharmaceutical profits and unconstitutional government repression.

Please take the time to watch her talk. It may save your life.

Also, please take time to sign a petition to protect the public from being forced to take experimental vaccines.


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